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Reverse Engineering

Many a times, Reverse Engineering is narrowly interpreted as adopting / stealing competitor's technology. In real sense, it is much beyond copying some one’s product by opening it and measuring it.

It is more of generating principle and rules of design of product, that why it has been made this way, justification of selection of bought outs and selecting equivalent one, when developing them locally.

It includes Review / Change of manufacturing process based on local resources available and Vendor development to produce part as per drawing. We serve customers, who want to do Reverse Engineering as part of Import Substitution or those, who have done foreign collaboration and got technology from their principles. Our experience of dealing with diverse industry verticals help us, to arrive at 'smart' equivalent solution to develop a product locally without compromising function.

Below are few of the projects we undertook in this category

Reverse Engineering of Water-Jet Cutting Machine

Water-Jet Cutting Machine


A machine importer, with aim of becoming OEM but having limited knowledge of machine building

Input offered to us

One visit to Imported machine

How we addressed

  • 30 weeks of work including extensive vendor support in manufacturing
  • Deployed team of Vendor Development and Testing Engineers
  • Critical casting parts were verified with FEA and calculation

Challenges Undertook

  • Apart from designing the machine, we did Vendor Development and Testing
  • Machine was manufactured and assembled in our supervision till validation
  • Developed the machine, with ZERO import part and economy of manufacturing

Reverse Engineering of Potato Grader

Potato Grader


A leading potato processing house having export oriented unit

Input offered to us

One day visit to Imported machine

How we addressed

  • 9 weeks of work including extensive vendor support in manufacturing
  • Close interaction and review with processing team, for getting desired features and customisation
  • Fully modular design following DFMA rules laid down by customer. We kept >50% parts as ‘Standard catalogue - Bought out’ items rather than self designed to keep procurement cost down and fast replacement.

Challenges Undertook

  • Designed complete machine with added features to suit their unique needs
  • Not only used Indian bought outs, also developed vendors for all parts
  • Converted many of the complicated sheet metal parts into simplified designs, with minimum tooling cost

Reverse Engineering of Rack and Pinion Elevator

Rack and Pinion Elevator


A leading construction machine manufacturer interested into increasing his product portfolio

Input offered to us

Competitor specifications, photographs and partly built machine based on customer's own initiatives

How we addressed

  • 16 weeks of work having continuous review with Product Development team at customer end
  • Close interaction and review with end customer understanding his problem area and expectations from Indian manufacturer
  • Extensive web survey to know competitor features and manufacturing processes worldwide, as bench mark.

Challenges Undertook

  • Did complete part calculations as per BS and IS to meet safety and regulatory requirements
  • Lot many designs improved with respect to reliability and user point of view
  • Converted many of the complicated sheet metal parts into simplified designs, with minimum tooling cost

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