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New Product Development

In the increasingly competitive scenario, engineering companies are challenged to bring reliable, feature-rich products at competitive prices and with the least development lead time. To address these issues and enable customers to realize their goals, we offer NPD solutions across all industry verticals.

Our New Product Development (NPD) offering includes solutions, services and products spanning the complete product development lifecycle, from ideation through design to manufacturing and production across various industries.

Hexagon Provides 'Concept to Commissioning' solution

Engineering Design

Hexagon’s engineering Design Solutions help customers in the following

  • Conceptualization: Product ideation, converting marketing requirements into product concepts, product styling or applying packaging criteria
  • Preliminary Design: Feasibility studies, use of DFM, DFA and DFMEA techniques to optimize and validate designs, value engineering and virtual simulation
  • Detailed Design: Expertise across various domains is leveraged upon for modeling, simulation and actual implementation for the components, subsystems or complete products

FEA and design verification

We help customers assess and improve product performance, using advanced mathematical modeling and simulation tools. Before freezing final design, critical components undergo FEA simulation for optimization.

Vendor Development

At Hexagon, we not only hand over the manufacturing drawings and specification sheets to customers, but also locate and develop vendors to make them. Deliberate dialogue with vendors is made and design is improved / modified to address manufacturing requirements. Manufacturing processes are laid down jointly with manufacturer

First product Assembly, trial and lab testing

Hexagon with its own facility and alliances, is capable to develop and test the physical prototypes, which then undergo a rigorous test and conformance validation processes. We get engaged during the prototype building, Assembly and Trial stage to overcome 'Teething' trouble. We validate the product for its performance criteria and hand over technology know-how with product itself.

Below are few of the projects we undertook in this category:

New Product Development of Soil Compactor

Soil Compactor


A leading construction machine manufacturer interested into increasing his product portfolio

Input offered to us

Competitor machine, Market Requirements and target price of manufacturing

How we addressed

  • 22 weeks of work including concept building, detail design calculations, alternative generation and design verification
  • Visit and stay at vendor locations for timely execution, including onsite review and design changes to address practical difficulties
  • Done Assembly at our site, realising and overcoming teething problems for first time production
  • Deputation of Design, Vendor Development and QA engineers at prototype building sites and giving final product approval

Challenges Undertook

  • Design was made, balancing technical requirements along with overall product aesthetics and ergonomic aspects
  • Focus on use of most conventional manufacturing processes and mass production capabilities looking to bulk export requirements
  • Handed over complete product know how with documentation to make the customer self reliant for subsequent productions

New Product Development of Intersecting Chain-gill for Jute

Intersecting Chain-gill


World’s leading Jute Machinery manufacturing company

Input offered to us

Database of similar technology used in Textile industry and few visits to Jute Mills to understand the technology

How we addressed

  • We were one of the first Indian designers, to work so exhaustively for Jute Industry in strive for their modernisation
  • 9 months of exhaustive work including concept building, detail design calculations, alternative generation and design verification
  • Concept generations and brain storming with Jute Technologists and Jute mill officers
  • Many of the assemblies were produced by our Design engineers themselves

Challenges Undertook

  • Toughest one was, working with few of the industry people’s mindset barriers that nothing can happen to Jute Machinery modernisation
  • Digesting failures and overcoming them to bring back to success and demonstration level
  • Tight cost and time budget

New Product Development of Ploughshare Mixer

Trough Vibrator


India’s leading Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing company

Input offered to us

A catalogue of world’s leading company and GA drawing offered by them to their customer

How we addressed

  • Extensive journal and research paper study, to understand product and its mixing features for end application
  • Design was completed in flat 4 months of time, and detailed calculation file was submitted to customer for his approval
  • Building of Cross Function Team, including a process expert

Challenges Undertook

  • Making the fabricator follow drawings and produce the product as per design, simultaneously addressing his problems and manufacturing tips
  • Product was offered to Canada based end customer, having ASME and third party inspection
  • Product developed with < 5% scrap cost, due to Design originated rework

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