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Detail Engineering

God lies in details. We detail and document every item – be it a bought out part or in-house component. We document components and assemblies in the sequence of manufacturing process and assembling. The levels of drawings become assembly process plan.

Our detailed drawings include surface finish symbols, tolerance, material with its raw material size, required views and clean presentation. We keep the knowledge level of end operator and fitter of workhop in mind, while detailing them, so the documents can convey correct meaning. Our drawings are of international standards and appreciated by all clients, including Germans.

Below are few of the projects we undertook in this category

Barrier Isolator

Detailing of Barrier Isolator

  • Client, a leading pharmaceutical equipment maker had to do detail engineering for his unit for every order of Isolator
  • We performed detailed engineering, with modular design concept keeping in mind re-usability of design items
  • Parametric skeleton concept was used, so by changing only few critical design parameters, entire set of drawings were made available for new design.

Detailing of Wax Injection Molding Machine

Wax Injection Molding Machine
  • Our customer was looking for well structured documents, so the component outsourcing and vendor development could be made possible
  • Received input in form of dxf files, hand sketches and vendor data – we detailed entire machine in structured form which became ‘Model Project’ for customer’s regular documentation system.
  • More than 500 drawings were documented including Castings, Fabrication items, CNC operation parts, Hydraulics and Pneumatic system.

Agitated Thin Film Dryer

Detailing of Agitated Thin Film Dryer

  • Our customer got basic design from his collaborator and we were asked to make detail engineering and manufacturing drawings for the same
  • Complete product detailing was done, keeping customer’s manufacturing process sequence and workshop facilities.

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